Wednesday, December 19, 2012

packages, mail and transfer info

MAILING POLICY - Please include the missionary’s FULL name on all correspondence. LETTERS AND PACKAGES: (Please note: Fed-Ex and UPS packages cannot be forwarded. Any mailed to the mission office by these methods will have to wait for hand delivery at Transfers, Zone Conferences or LTM’s.) You may use the NCCM office address for mail until you arrive in your first area and can then notify your family of your address. Based on a 6-week transfer cycle, we suggest the following: 1. Please retain as a future reference the transfer schedule below. 2. Missionaries being transferred are notified the Saturday before transfer day. They will inform you in their Monday email of their transfer. Please do not mail items this week. They will not know their new address until.. 3. The Monday following transfer day, your missionary will email you his/her new address. (Please inform others as you deem appropriate.) 4. Although mission needs create variances, most missionaries will be in a proselyting area an average of 4.5 -6 months. 5. Recognizing that in the short run, some mail, (from friends, extended family etc.), may still be mailed to the mission office inadvertently, we will seek to hand deliver those items at one of our regularly scheduled mission meetings. Save NCCM Transfer Day Schedule *Dates may be rearranged due to Holidays 2013- 30 Jan, 5 Mar, 16 Apr, 28 May, 9 Jul, 20 Aug, 30 Sep, 12 Nov, *17 Dec 2014- 4 Feb, 18 Mar, 29 Apr, 10 Jun, 22 July, 2 Sep, 14 Oct, *26 Nov 2014- 6 Jan, 17 Feb, 31 Mar, 12 May, 23 Jun, 4 Aug, 15 Sep, 27 Oct, *8 Nov

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